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1 speler, Rijden, Simulatie, Ontsnapping, Bloed, Straat, Dronken, Auto, 3D, Gratis, Unity3D, WebGL | Datum toegevoegd 21 Oct 2019
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Can you drunk drive the car, you can learn in the game (Do not) Drink & Drive Simulator 2018. We offer you a renovated retro auto with a manual transmission and any alcoholic beverage for your taste: vodka, beer, absinthe, wine and others. Start an experiment with weak alcoholic drinks. A bottle of unfiltered beer, in your hands while you spin a wheel, can play a cruel joke with you. Look carefully at the road and watch your condition. If your body is not susceptible to small doses of alcohol and one bottle of potion is not enough for you, you can open vodka and empty a couple of hundred grams. What will happen to you after a strong drink we will learn in the future.


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Don't Drink and Drive Simulator - Racing & Driving - POG.COM
Don't Drink and Drive Simulator
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