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1 speler, Muisbehendigheid, Zijscrollen, Jumping, Gratis, Unity3D, WebGL | Datum toegevoegd 12 May 2021
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  • Jump (hold & release)

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Furniture Climber is a game where you control an Alpaca that you love to bounce on furniture, jump from furniture to furniture, and compete for how far you can extend. Left-click and hold to store, and release to jump. Even if you lose your posture and fall, you can jump as long as your body is in contact with the furniture, so please do your best. It's easier to balance because it sticks immediately if you keep clicking the mouse before landing, not after seeing the landing. Difficulty increases (ranks up) by reaching a certain distance. There are 7 levels of difficulty. Please note that depending on the angle, you may fly unreasonably or you may not be able to proceed. Have fun playing this game here at!


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Furniture Climber - Skill - POG.COM
Furniture Climber
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