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Puzzel, 1 speler, Tekenen, Obstakel, Fun, Android, HTML5, Gratis, Mobiel, iPhone, iPad, Touchscreen, Denken, Fysica | Datum toegevoegd 16 Jun 2021
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Happy milk glass is a fun puzzle game of drawing lines using immense creativity at every stage of the game. You have to make your sad glass happy again! And you can do it by filling it with milk from the tap and give it smile. Find the perfect strategy to channel the milk into the glass and give it a happy face. So find the best way to fill one, two, or even three glasses of milk without spilling them on the floor to earn the maximum score. Use the pencil on your screen to trace the correct line that will lead you to the glass and fill it with milk. You can use straight, curved, convex, concave, elevated, and depressed lines to draw out a perfect path in order to fill the glass. Have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!


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Happy Milk Glass
Happy Milk Glass
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