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Few games can boast of being so addictive. Parkour Go 2: Urban is one of them.
Let yourself be carried away in this platform game which takes place in an urban environment entirely in 3D.
The game is strongly inspired by a known game and it takes back its aesthetic.

And what an aesthetic!
The game has a brightly colored, minimalist style and differs from most previous third-person perspective video games in allowing for a greater freedom of movement with regard to its 3D environment.
It also has a varied soundtrack that is perfectly in line with the proposed universe.

In the style of a three-dimensional platform game, the player guides the character over rooftops, across walls, through ventilation shafts, and otherwise within urban environments, negotiating obstacles using movements inspired by parkour.

So if you are not scared of heights and if challenges attract you like a magnet, Parkour Go 2: Urban is for you! Exclusively on

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Parkour GO 2: Urban
Parkour GO 2: Urban
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